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                                                                                                                                                                               Steve lessons see the website:  www.stevesgolfinstruction.com

Private Instruction Program (1 person)

15 minute tune up                                                                                                                                       $20.00
Single  45 minute session                                                                                                                         $60.00
Package of 3 – 45 minute sessions                                                                                                      $155.00
Package of 5 – 45 minute sessions                                                                                                      $230.00
Semi Private (2 people)
1 – 45 minute session                                                                                                                                 $90.00
Package of 3 – 45 minute sessions                                                                                                      $250.00
Package of 5 – 45 minute sessions                                                                                                      $375.00
All Prices Subject to HST
To Book Your Instruction Session please call  613-623-3234

Daniel Guay Golf Lessons 2018

Adult Price List     

1 private lesson( 1hr): $50.00
1 private lesson(30min): $30.00
3 private lesson(1hr/each): $125.00
1 group lesson (2 pers./1hr): $50.00/group
1 group lesson (4 pers/1hrs): $80.00/group
3 group lesson(2 pers./1hr/each): $125.00/group
 Course management play 9 holes with me $125.00 green fee incl.

  Junior price list:

One private lesson (45min): $35.00

3 private lessons (45 min each):$85.00

3 group lessons ( 2 pers. 50 min\each lessons):$120.00 group 

range balls and tax incl.

Lessons in English or French
Call 613-623-3234 ext. 1 *  Email  [email protected]                                         

 Lunch and Learn

Men and Women

Lunch and learn day with different lesson every 2 week 10:00 am to 12:00 pm for $25.00 tax included. Have a 20 minutes lessons and a lunch after the lesson. See sheet registration in pro shop. You can make the registration for specific dates and hours you want only.

June 4: pitching

The pitching session: includes feet and ball position, alignment of the face with a stick, knocking down the ball and the production of the spin of the ball.
How to control a specific distance inside 75 yards.

June 18: putting.

The session focuses on putting and alignment, posture, position of the club, and the rocking motion. Other topics include how to read the green, how to putt downhill, and how to assess the root causes of a bad putt

July2: chipping.

The session covers Chipping good position, good technique for a high shot and selecting the appropriate club to match the situation. How to control a specific distance around the green.

July 16: driver                                                                                                     

A good tee shot is often the lead-in to a good score on a golf hole. Being able to swing a driver well enough to get good distance on a tee shot reduces the number of shots needed to hit the ball onto the putting green and the amount of time spent on the fairway     

August 6: sand trap (long and short sand trap)                                     

how to hit great green side bunker shots or fairway trap     

August 20: hybrid club & long Irons                                            

Hybrid clubs are incredibly useful, so long as you know how to swing one. The hybrid gives casual golfers a better chance to loft the ball, learn it!!!   



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